• Winner - NASSCOM AI for GOOD Initiative, 2019

    Voxta Communications- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactor

    Voxta Communications- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactor
  • Give voice to your world

    Voice for customer service.

    Voice for customer service.
  • Give voice to your world

    Voice for purchases.

    Voice for purchases.
  • Give voice to your world

    Voice to inform, interact, engage and survey.

    Voice to inform, interact, engage and survey.

Clients & Partners

  • Ankur Sharma

    ``Dettol used the Voxta speech recognition ...for the Swachh Bharath campaign. ….Dettol was able to get users to engage and interact with the brand, ..and give their opinions, by simply 'talking ' on the phone. It was certainly an interesting and rewarding experience for our consumers and Dettol.``

    – Ankur Sharma

    Head of E Commerce , Reckitt Benckiser

  • Dr Swapna Poti

    ``Voxta speech recognition solution…. We consider it an effective tool for reaching millions of candidates in short timescales``

    – Dr Swapna Poti

    Principal NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation)

  • Sowmya Velayudham

    ``We worked with Voxta on a campaign targeted at parents to promote our competitive assessments in Hyderabad. We were impressed by their timely, professional and targeted approach ...allowed us to achieve 21% pick-up rate and a click-rate of 64% from the customers who picked up and fell within our target segment``

    – Sowmya Velayudham

    Director, Business Development, Gray Matters India

About Us

Voxta is a global speech technology company founded by serial entrepreneurs, with international experience. Based in London and Hyderabad, the company is on a mission to give voice to India, and then the world. Voxta has a partnership with IDIAP, the world’s leading speech research institute, based out of Switzerland. Voxta has been selected for the British government’s Global Entrepreneurship Programme, backed by the British Department for International Trade. Voxta has also won the Nasscom AI for Good award, for our information voice bots.

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Voice assistants

Voxta voice assistants engage customers, are available 24/7, cut screen clicks and deliver outcomes fast! They are available in a variety of Indian languages and English. Implementation is easy and fast. We have SDK’s for easy integration into mobile apps or websites.

Customer service

24/7 quality customer service, to free staff to work on more complex issues by using our voice bots to resolve many queries directly or identify issues and route to the right team. 35% faster query resolution.

Buying & Refund support voicebots

Voice based discover and purchase, for e-commerce in many verticals from ticketing to insurance or products. Answer frequent questions about your refund policy. Save 30% of the effort on screen clicks, as Voxta voice takes customers directly to purchases.

Survey & Form Filling

Voxta voice bot surveys are easy for customers, and voice is the quickest way to get an opinion , run a poll or verification survey, or get customer feedback or information.

Lead generation

For banks or insurers, to answer questions about products and generate leads or call backs.


Information on your products and services, whether in finance, education, health, governance and benefits, all voice enabled, to reach anyone, anytime.

English teaching voicebot

Chatchit is our virtual English teaching assistant, to help users learn and assess their spoken English, using Voxta speech recognition.

IVR virtual assistants

Multilingual virtual call centre agents, to provide automated 24/7 cover. They provide two major benefits: resolve many calls and be auto-scaled to support peak volumes.


Banking & Financial Services

Voxta voice assistants plug into banking or insurance app’s or websites, for an easy voice experience. Customers can use voice for banking transactions, for information on banking or insurance products, or Voxta voice assistants for 24/7 customer service.


Offer your customers an easy way to buy through voice. Voxta voice assistants link to e-Commerce website API’s, and enable buying through voice. Customer service voice assistants provide round the clock service for refunds, delivery or other queries. Customised to deliver enhanced accuracy in each domain.

Content and Media:

Voice is the new UI! Voxta voice assistants plug into content apps and sites through SDK’s, to offer audiences an easy way to discover and consume content, through voice. Voxta TTS engines convert text to speech, and provide an easy way to consume content on voice.

Information & governance

Reduce call centre costs by 35%, provide 24/7 information. Voxta multilingual voice assistants can give information, survey opinions or answer questions about governance or civic issues.


Minimise screen clicks, and enable faster transactions! Voxta voice assistants help customers book buses, trains or planes, or provide much needed customer service for refunds or changes.


Voxta personal assistants in multiple Indian languages in addition to English help mobile users get the benefit of being digital, through voice. General queries, bookings and phone commands can all be voice enabled.


Our platform has multiple components which can be used individually or together. Our platform can also use external engines where we do not have language coverage or other functionality.

Voxta has built proprietary speech recognition engines, in English and a variety of Indian languages. We can also build custom engines for unique scenarios, using client and other data sets. Our pre-built engines are oriented towards voice agents. These can also be used to support speech analytics in call centres.

Voice bot platform across multiple channels

We have a configurable voice bot platform, which allows us to build new bots within a few weeks. Our bots are multi-channel and can give and take input from multiple channels at the same time. Users have the choice of using the mechanism they find easiest!

Our bots do four main things:

  • extract meaning from the text outputted by speech recognition engines
  • manage the conversation with the end user, and all components
  • connect with client APIs to get and input structured data
  • give responses back to the user, across multiple channels - text, image and voice

We have off-the-shelf voice bots for buying, information and lead generation, ready to go! Our bots easily integrate with client API’s.

Text to speech - TTS

Text to speech engines convert text into audio. These are being developed in English and Indian languages. These enable voice delivery of information for voice interactions, and very useful for communicating dynamic information such as train timings.

Jobbr - Distributed Data platform

Data is the lifeblood of our machine learning based products. Jobbr, our distributed data platform, enables rapid collection and annotation of data sets for specific requirements. Data can be collected across the globe from thousands in different languages and accents, using our custom mobile app.

Through Jobbr we can manage hundreds of contractors in multiple locations, to annotate data. Contractors are hired for each project for specific skills, such as fluency in a particular language or to increase capacity for rapid processing.

Our transliteration keyboard allows users to type in English, and convert the text to an Indian language of their choice. Simple, and easy to use.

Transliteration Keyboard

Our transliteration keyboard allows users to type in English, and convert the text to an Indian language of their choice. Simple, and easy to use.



Sirish Reddi
Sirish Reddi

Sirish is a technology entrepreneur and set up Voxta, to work on speech products including voice biometrics. He is also an angel investor in technology companies.

Kavita Shewaram
Kavita Shewaram

Kavita Reddi heads business development at Voxta, and comes up with creative strategies for content and marketing on the Voxta voice platform.

Dr Herve Bourlard
Dr Herve Bourlard

Herve is a global leader in speech recognition, including working at Philips Speech and L&H

Dr Ramesh Rao
Dr Ramesh Rao

Ramesh works on the technology and helps shape the product to the rapidly evolving marketplace.

Dr Steve Renals
Dr Steve Renals

Steve is the director of the Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) and a professor at the University of Edinburgh.



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